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Personal Trainers
A personal trainer is an individual certified to have a varying degree of knowledge of general fitness involved in exercise prescription and instruction. They motivate clients by setting goals and providing feedback and accountability to clients. Trainers also measure their client’s strengths and weaknesses with fitness assessments. (Wikipedia.org)

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May 2020
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Special Group Rate

Note: for 2-5 persons

Come in as a group for 3-5 sessions & we will offer a 30% discount on our usual session fees.

Get a head start on the New Year

Now is the time

Extended class times, up to 2 hours, with one on one instruction.

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1 Hour Session x 1 person x 2 times per week x 1 month- $0.00
1 Hour Session x 1 person x 4 times per week x 1 month- $0.00

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