These Questions & Answers will help negotiate our marketplace both for Business Owners/Service Providers as well as for Clients/Site visitors.

Business Owners/Service Providers

In order for a user to be able to create a business from the front end, he/she is required to sign up as a Business Owner. The user will provide his/her first & last names, a username, which should be your business name, an email address & a password. Then the subscription as a Business Owner will be checked off. You must also check the Terms & conditions box. After completing that & clicking the Sign Up tab, you will then be sent a Registration Verification email link, which you will click to complete the sign up. By doing so you will find yourself on the login page of the imwellyes.com website where it will say ”Your email was confirmed successfully”. Finally you will receive a new email titled, Registration Complete. It will say that you are successfully registered as a Business Owner.

N.B. When the site is fully operational signup to a paid subscription plan will be obligatory for Business Owners/Service Providers.

Sign up as a Business Owner.

What are the next steps needed to set up your Business.

You should go to the Login page, Username/Email & Password, & once completing that & signing in you should now find yourself on the ‘User Account” page where it will say, ”you do not have a Business yet. Directly under that you will see ‘Add New Business” option. Clicking on that will take you to the ”Add New Business” page where you will see numbers 1-3 listed. There you will fill out the various fields which will give clients/visitors a good idea of the services that you can provide.

What are the fields that should be completed under number 1.

Business name, business logo, the logo background color. Then you will fill out the ”About”” field. You will see a box, a visual editor widget, where you can enter text & media, (images), to fully describe your services. Note that videos do not embed well in this editor. Videos should be entered under the Wall tab in the create your Post box.  The categories box would be where you list the service that your business offers. The category icon box has only 1 icon, a Wellness icon, which you would click on to enter it. This icon would be used on the Google map to show your Business location. When a user would click on that icon that would then open your Business logo page, & by clicking on your logo,  your business pages would become available.

What are the fields that should be completed under number 2.

Open & close times for the entire week should be entered. Then add the business address, telephone number(s), & email address(es). Then you would fill in the business location, which would be used on the Google map. If you have another website then the url could be entered. Follow this by your various social media links, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

What are the fields that should be completed under number 3.

Here we have Post Comments, click on or off.  This refers to visitor comments on wall posts that you have entered. Then images can be added for the Gallery tab. Note that the first image that you include for your photo gallery will be the image that appears on the archive page of your service category. Each provider would have an image on this archive page. Covered radius refers to the range of coverage in meters that your business would cover. This is followed by 3 sections where, in the first, you can enter information regarding your service’s sessions, like fees, schedules, notes. Then in the second you can add text, & images, to further enhance the description of your services offered. Note that videos do not embed well in this editor, & should be embedded in the create your Post section under the Wall tab. In the 3rd section you can add PDF forms which could contain specifics like price lists, special events, highlights, all to further inform your interested parties.

What message will you get after clicking on ''Create Business''.

Thank you, your business is now pending for review.


Admin will receive the note, will publish your business, & it will then be active online.


A couple of points about the User Account page that we see here, My Business, Published Businesses.

Whenever you click on the User Account tab located in the header menu, you will always return to this page.

You will see a Profile tab. Clicking on that opens a page where you can change your Pass Word & where you can logout.


The next tab, Appointments. Clicking on that will open the tabs for Upcoming & Pending Appointments & the Appointment history.

These Appointment tabs will contain info corresponding to the entries made on your Booking tab by users on your Business Owner page.


There are 4 other links to note.

You have the Published Business name. Clicking on that will open the Business Owner’s page.

The Calendar tab will be described in the section below titled:
What tabs will appear on the Business Owner/Service Provider page.

Add New Business tab. Clicking on that will enable you to add a new Business by filling out the fields in pages numbers 1-3 which were described above in the section, What are the next steps needed to set up your Business.



The Manage tab, when clicked, will bring you to the Manage Business page where you can edit the entries made in the fields listed in pages numbers 1- 3, by clicking on the Edit Business tab.


You will also see 2 tabs beside the Edit Business tab. View Business, when clicked will bring you to your Business page & Delete Business tab which can be clicked in order to remove your Business from the site.

You will notice the title, ”Published Offers”. You will see a thumbnail of the offer & the offer title. Below that, 4 tabs allowing you to  view, edit, share & delete the offer as well adding a new offer.


What tabs will appear on the Business Owner/Service Provider page.

There will be 8 tabs listed on the Menu of the Business Owner/Service Provider profile page.

The About, Photo & Session Prices tabs, are rendered when you fill out the fields listed in pages numbers 1-3, which you access on the User Account page by clicking on the ”Add New Business” tab or ”Manage/Edit Business” tabs. Re the Photo tab, you can also make changes to the entries here when logged into your Business Owner site & you click on the Photo tab. You will see your Business Name/photos on the left side & on the right top side you will see 2 lines stating ”Remove all Images” & ”add/remove images”. Clicking on ”Remove all Images” will ask you to confirm this action, & clicking on the ”add/remove images” line will open your Media Library where you can make the add/remove changes.

The Bookings tab allows clients to book appointments directly online with the Service Provider. This tab will only appear on the Menu of the Service Provider profile page after the Calender, noted in the next point below, has had appointment times & space numbers assigned to it.

The User Account page will have a tab called Calendar. As mentioned previously, this Calender must have at least 1 time slot & space assigned to it to have the Bookings tab appear on the Menu of the Service Provider profile page.

Clicking on that will open a page where the Service Provider can input their appointment times & the number of spaces available. These times will then be shown to clients when they click on the Service Providers Bookings tab.


This page also allows the Service Provider to enter Custom Time Slots & Custom Fields.

The message tab allows clients/visitors to email messages directly to the Service Provider.

The ratings tab allows clients/visitors to rate the Service Providers offerings. Those doing the ratings will have to sign up first, as a client, this being required as a way of reducing spam entries.

The wall tab will enable the Service Provider to enter statuses & posts. New information & updates will be shared here & the posts can include images & videos as well as text. Note that new offers published under the Offers tab will also appear here under the Wall tab.


When you are logged in to your Business Owner page & you go to your Wall tab you will see in each post a small ”down” arrow on the top right hand side. Clicking this opens up a content box with 3 tabs, ”Edit Post”, ”Delete Post”, & ”Enable Comments”.

Finally we have the offers tab. For a user to create an offer from the front end, first he should navigate to his User Account page where it will show his published business. Click on the Manage tab.


Then he will be redirected to the page showing a number of manage tools, the page saying that the Business has no published Offers yet or the page showing the published Offers, with View, Edit & Delete tabs. Will click on the ”add new offer” tab, & he fills all the required offer information on the page that opens. Set the discount value if the offer includes a reduction in price, or if not , just set it to zero & click Create Offer.

The setting for Offer Editing Capability is enabled, so an edit button for each Offer will be visible for the Service Provider when viewing their Offers list which they can then click to edit the Offer.The newly created Offer will now be listed under the Service Providers Published Offers. Published Offers are now visible for users to see, by clicking on the Service Providers Wall tab & on their Offers tab & will be also visible in the Offers slider of that particular Service category.

Additional points to note to ensure smooth functioning.

-As a Business Owner logged into your business account, whenever you click on the User Account tab located in the header menu, you will always return to this page, shown here. This is where you will find all the tools needed for managing your site.

-Whenever you go to your User Account page, if you click on the Manage tab, then on the Edit Business tab, you will open your Business form, pages 1-3. Going through these pages, & making changes will bring you to the end & the tab which says ”Update Business”. Clicking on this tab will update your site, but you will see that your sites Cover Photo has been removed & you must upload it again.

-When setting up your business & you are filling out the fields on your Business form, page 2, there are a number of Social links that you can include. You have to fill out at least one of those links in order to assure that your Sidebar widgets, Business location on Google Map, Contact info, Social Media, Opening Hours & Search widget function correctly & are also responsive on different size computer screens.

-When you go to the Services tab in the Header menu or the Wellness Services menu in the footer & you click on a particular Service Provider category, a page opens up with images of all the providers in that category. You will notice 3 icons in each image. The Link icon & the Favorite icon in the middle of the image, & the Wellness icon, representing the Business Category, Services on the top right. The link icon, when clicked will take you to the Business page of that particular Service Provider. The Favorite icon is inherent in the site theme but is not set for any function in our website. Clicking on the Wellness icon here o the top right will open up an archive page named Business Category: Services showing all the Service Providers listed on the site.

-Please refer to the links for ”Privacy Policy” & ”Terms and Conditions” in the Footer, on the left side.

-Please note that ”Business Owner” & ”Service Provider” are interchangeable terms on our website.

-As a Business Owner you might need additional images, videos to complete Menu & Photo fields. https://pixabay.com/ offers free images & royalty free stock images & videos. If you need help with your Business logo you might try https://hatchful.shopify.com/  a free to use logo maker.

-As a Business Owner you might want to include some articles detailing aspects of Wellness in general or specific fields that you prefer to address through our Blog category rather than listing them in your Business pages. You simply have to click on the About tab in the header menu & the dropdown will show Blog Submit & Wellness Blog. In the Blog Submit page you have to enter the query fields & the Blog content & it will be submitted to the Admin for approval & publication. It will then be shown on the Wellness Blog page.


Clients/Site Visitors

On the home page search bar, you can enter a keyword like a particular City/Town, choose the Service that is of interest, check off your Province/Territory, & then click through to determine if that particular Service offering exists in a location which is convenient for you. Those Services will be noted on the map with the Service Category icon, which is the Wellness icon. Clicking on any of these Wellness icons will open a Provider widget box, showing their logo & Business name, & a smaller widget box saying ”View Details”. Clicking on either of these will open the Service Provider’s business page. You also will have the Service Providers’ images listed on the search result page under the map. You will notice 3 icons in each image. Clicking on the Wellness icon here on the right side, will open up an archive page named Business Category: Services showing all the Service Providers listed on the site. The favorite icon is inherent in the site theme but is not set for any function in our website. The link icon, when clicked will take you to the Business page of that particular Service Provider. The Service Providers contact info, located in a right sidebar widget, will enable you to get in touch. Once you are satisfied that the particular Service is for you, a booking calender form will be available to enable you to book a time slot online. Payment for the Service will be made directly to the Service Provider at the point of contact. All Services will function in the same manner.

How to search for local Service Providers

Point to note: The person icon on the map refers to the current user location. 

What benefit will a visitor get from browsing our site

A visitor to our site will find a large pool of Wellness Service providers listed, when searched, with locations noted on Google Maps, each having Business pages with a detailed description of the services that they offer, plus photos &/or videos of their work, special offers, their ratings, session prices & a booking online capability.

Why is useful to register as a Visitor/Client

This will be useful when you book an appointment with a Service Provider. You can refer to your appointment schedule after bookings have been made by clicking on your appointment menu on your profile page. Also you will be able to rate the various Service Providers that you have used.



In what other ways can we find a Provider of a particular Service.

On the home page, there is a description of each Service, & by clicking on a Service name you will be linked to an archive page of this particular Service where you will find the list of Providers. As well on each page, on the top menu bar, by clicking on the Services tab a dropdown will open showing the list of Services & by clicking on the individual Service tabs you will be linked to this Service’s archive page.  At the bottom of each page you have the footer, & here on the right side under the title, Wellness Services, you will find a list of all the Services where again by clicking on each one you will be linked to the archive page of that Service. Lastly, you have a search bar at the very top of each page & also on the right sidebar of each Service Providers listing.


Can we contact individual Service Providers

Contact info for the Service Provider is located on their Service page, the info being in the Contact widget on the right side of the page, when accessed on desktops, laptops or tablets, or towards the bottom of the page if the site is accessed on a cell phone. There is also a message tab on the menu of their Service Provider page, which will allow you to send an email directly to the Provider in question.


Where to find Current special Offers.

At the top of the page , on the menu bar you have a tab showing Current Offers & by clicking on that tab you will be shown a slider image of all offers currently available. As well a list of all Service Provider category offers will be shown & by clicking on each of these categories you will be shown any offers currently available in the particular category.


How to open a particular Service Provider business page

Going to the Services tab on the top menu bar, a listing of all the Service categories will drop down. By clicking on a category, the Providers available in this category will appear & by clicking on the link button in the selected image(s) you will be taken to the Provider’s business listing. Also you can click on the Wellness icon(s) appearing on the Google Map, & you will be shown the Provider(s) business logo. By clicking on the logo you will again be taken to the Provider’s business listing. Please note that the images linked to service providers also have a Favorite status icon, but this feature is not active at this time. Each Service Provider image has a Wellness icon located on the upper right side. Clicking on this icon will open up an archive page named Business Category: Services showing all the Service Providers listed on the site.