How It Works

Visitors/Users-Find the Service(s) which Fits your Needs

Check off your Province/Territory, then the Service that is of interest, filter by City/Town & then click through to determine if that particular Service offering exists in a location which is convenient for you. If so then the Service Providers contact info will be readily available for you to get in touch. Once you are satisfied that the particular service is for you, a booking calendar form will be available to enable you to book a time slot online. Payment for the Service will be made directly with the Service Provider at the point of contact. All Services will function in the same manner.   


Register for a presence on our site by filling out a profile of your Service offering. Click the members tab in the main menu & then the register tab. You will describe your service, your location, your experience credentials & you will be able to upload images to your site presence which can more completely portray your service(s). You will have access to a 3 month free trial to get you started.